Taronis Technologies, Inc., a clean technology company, has commissioned a 200kW Venturi plasma arc gasification unit in Flint, Texas.

The fully operational unit has already increased the company’s MagneGas production capacity by more than 50%.

“This is a significant accomplishment for our engineering team,” said Scott Mahoney, CEO of Taronis.

“We see this new production hub rapidly overtaking our Florida production facility, as this is our most modern gas unit, and can out produce our entire Florida operations running one unit one and a half production shifts per week.”

“As our most efficient gasification unit, it should contribute meaningfully to our operational savings and enable us to reduce transportation costs to California and all across the Midwest.”

The facility will operate to meet demands for the company’s MagneGas customers in Texas, Louisiana and California, as well as independent industrial gas wholesale partnerships across the Midwest and along the East Coast.