Taylor-Wharton, a Harsco GasServ company, today announced price adjustments, effective 14 November 2005, covering all cylinder and cryogenic equipment product lines.

Scott W. Boyd, vice president of sales and marketing, said: “We will be adjusting our base prices and surcharges, as applicable, for the Taylor-Wharton product lines as dictated by our costs for energy, transportation
and certain raw materials.”

Boyd further explained that although some prices in the commodity metals markets have begun to stabilise, the specialised steels used in the production of pressure vessels continue to increase.

Boyd said that energy allocation is also a concern. He continued: “Natural gas flow to our Huntsville, Alabama factory was curtailed by the supplier on two separate occasions since October 1st. As a result, we were obliged to invest in a dual-fuel system to continue to provide a reliable, uninterrupted supply of products to our customers.

“The investment of the alternate energy system to insure continuous operation of the facility is yet another manifestation of cost escalation associated with the current instability in the energy and fuel markets.”

Boyd pledged that T-W will sustain efforts to contain and neutralise accelerating costs through production efficiencies and technical product innovations.

Price and surcharge schedules are published on the company’s web site at www.taylorwharton.com. The new prices will apply to all orders received on or after 14 November 2005. Customers currently under contract agreements with Taylor-Wharton will be advised of the effects of the14 November 2005 price adjustments.

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