The Taylor-Wharton business unit of Harsco GasServ will publish new price schedules for all cryogenic equipment effective 14 August 2006.

Increases for bulk tanks will range from 7,5 per cent to 12 per cent, liquid cylinders will increase five per cent and RDF products will increase approximately three per cent.

"The increases continue to be provoked by staggering surges in raw material costs," commented Scott W. Boyd, vice president - sales and marketing. "Costs for the raw material components of our cryogenic equipment products are escalating beyond any previous trends."

Boyd cited the dramatic scale of material increased over the last 90-days. "Nine-percent nickel material has increased 45 per cent and the cost of stainless steel has risen 28 per cent since May."

All cryogenic product lines will be affected by the increases based upon the specific raw material content of each product group. Boyd also noted that sustained worldwide demand and global shortages in the metals sector do not suggest a reversal of escalating materials cost in the near term.

All firm orders received on-or-after 14 August will be subject to the increases.