The Taylor-Wharton business unit of Harsco GasServ has published new price schedules for both cryogenic and cylinder product lines. The new price schedules will become effective today.

The new price schedules were influenced by a recent survey of price structures in the industrial gas marketplace.

Scott W. Boyd, vice president - sales and marketing, said: “The recently formed Global Governance Committee (GGC) at Harsco GasServ identified price structure as a critical component of the customer friendly business platforms that are integral to our improved customer relations mission.

“We knew our products, quality and lead-times are among the best in the industry. However, we also knew that we may be missing some opportunities to strengthen partnerships with loyal customers based on our aggregate price structure.

\\$quot;Our market review indicated that our cryogenic and cylinder prices were high in some cases and low in others. This situation tended to attract business for some of our product lines and made us less competitive in areas where we know our products are appealing and in demand.\\$quot;

Mr. Boyd also noted that the decision to immediately synchronise Taylor-Wharton’s price levels with industry expectations was motivated by the prospect that prices for cryogenic vessels and cylinders through the balance of the year may be significantly and frequently impacted by fluctuation in fuel and energy costs and availability.

He continued: “We wanted to be certain that these present price adjustments reflect our market study findings and not the inevitable cost escalation effects of oil and energy. We will all have to deal with those issues in the future.”

Taylor-Wharton’s new price schedules will be available at