Taylor-Wharton anticipates a rapid return to production for the company’s Theodore, Alabama cryogenic manufacturing facility in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Hoyt Fitzsimmons, vice president and general manager, reports an expected return to normal operations within 24-48 hours of the resumption of consistent electrical power. Restoration of electrical service could occur early today.

Mr. Fitzsimmons characterised damage to buildings as minor. He also declared that the company’s factory equipment is undamaged and raw material and component inventories are unharmed.

He said: “All company personnel are safe, accounted for and most have returned to the mobile area from evacuation locations. We are in excellent shape to resume manufacturing operations and shipments as soon as consistent power is available.

“I want to personally express my appreciation to all of our people for their superb efforts to prepare our facility for the storm; our anticipated rapid return to production is testimony to their exceptional dedication.”

Jim Cline, Harsco GasServ vice president, noted that the substantial personnel and contingency planning resources available through Harsco GasServ played a significant pre-and-post storm role in the smooth transition of customer services to Taylor-Wharton’s cylinder facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

Prior to restoration of telephone service and personnel operations at the T-W/Theodore offices, customers are encouraged to visit www.taylorwharton.com for the latest updates or may contact 1-800-898-2657 for information concerning specific orders and shipment status.