Technifab Products, Inc., a custom cryogenic equipment manufacturer based in Indiana, has added a new non-vacuum jacketed tank switcher to its TechniSwitch TS Series.

The TechniSwitch TS-NJ has been created to provide a continuous liquid nitrogen (N2) supply by automatically switching between empty and full dewars.

Techni swtich 1 technifab ts nj non vacuum jacketed tank cropped

The US outfit has also installed a programmable logic controller (PLC) to ensure accurate cryogen control and to minimise interruption during tank replacement.

The TS-NJ also utilises a unique alarm sequence, which informs the operator of tank status during all phases.

This tank offers an alternative to the vacuum jacketed version and has been designed for use in laboratories or medical settings where a large, outside liquid nitrogen (N2) tank is not suitable.