Technifab Products has updated its Automatic Fill Station, the AFS-01, which is designed to fill portable low pressure liquid nitrogen dewars from a pipe system or bulk tank.

Source: Technifab

Dewar Filling Station

The new version AFS-01 uses a cryogenic sensor to detect a “full” condition and, once full, cryogenic valves shut off the fill cycle maintaining the fill pressure of the liquid cylinder. The liquid cylinder is then ready for immediate use. 

The Indiana-based company says the AFS-01 put an emphasis on three main points: eliminating overfill and loss of liquid nitrogen; ease of use while providing a safe and convenient system, and designing a compact system that can easily be placed where it is most convenient. 

Technifab said in a press release about the product, “With our Allen Bradley PLC controls, you are able to adjust the maximum time the inlet valve will stay open, set timeout timers and your cryogenic sensor threshold. Most systems on the market are nearly 30 inches wide and can not be installed where it is truly needed. The AFS-01 is a compact and powerful system that only takes up only half of that at 16 inches, making it the most compact and user-friendly Automatic Fill Station on the market.”

Technifab specialises in the storage, transfer, and control of cryogenic fluids. It designs, manufactures and installs cryogenic equipment including vacuum jacketed pipe, transfer hoses, dewars and vacuum jacketed valves.