Technip has announced it has completed the purchase of all of Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Zimmer polymer technology business.

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, the business includes technologies for the processing of polyesters and polyamides1, research and development facilities, and a team of around 40 skilled engineers, researchers and project teams.

The new polymers business will diversify and strengthen Technip’s portfolio of downstream technologies in its Onshore segment by:

  • Enhancing the group’s position as a technology provider to the petrochemicals industries
  • Reinforcing relationships with clients and partners worldwide, backed by the Zimmer recognized expertise,
  • Diversifying the Onshore segment, adding revenue based on technology supply
  • Adding skilled resources, notably in technology development in Europe

Technip plans to integrate the new polymers technology business through Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology, the Onshore global business unit formed in 2012 to manage the company’s expanding portfolio of downstream process technologies.

Stan Knez, Senior Vice President, Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology, commented, “The state-of-the-art Zimmer polymer technology portfolio and the team’s 60 years of experience in the industry will reinforce our focus on technology as a way to differentiate us from our competitors. We look forward to welcoming this talented group to the Technip team.”

Technip has a strong track record in major project execution and is uniquely positioned to provide services for our clients ranging from conceptual studies, PDPs2, FEEDs3, and detailed engineering through procurement and construction.