Technip has been awarded a lump sum contract by CF Industries for the front-end engineering design (FEED) of a proposed grassroots nitrogen complex in Peru.

The complex, to be built near the city of San Juan de Marcona, is to be the first major nitrogen fertilizer complex in Peru.

It would be fed by natural gas from the Camisea field, which would be connected to the facilities through a new pipeline system.

The Technip contract covers a 2,600 ton per day (tpd) ammonia unit, a 3,850 tpd urea synthesis unit, a 3,850 tpd urea granulation unit, and the utilities and offsite facilities.

A final decision on the project will be made once results of the FEED study and other analysis are completed.

To produce urea, it’s thought that approximately 60% of the product is ammonia - but there is also believed to be a need for 0.8 metric tons of CO2 per ton of urea.

Theoretically then, for a urea plant of capacity 400,000 metric tons per year for example, up to 300,000 metric tons of CO2 could also be required.

If this were to be the case for merchant liquid CO2 throughout Europe, as urea production therefore increases, the availability of high purity CO2 gas for liquefaction for the merchant market can decrease as a result.