Danish based Haldor Topsoe has been awarded a contract to supply technology for a new refinery project in Kuwait.

The contract is from the Kuwait National Petroleum Company for Topsoe for the supply of license, engineering and catalysts for its 600,000 Nm3/hr hydrogen production capacity.

Topsoe says the project will mean the installation of the world's largest on-purpose hydrogen production capacity at a single location.

Ole Ekner, Technology Division of Topsoe director, added: \\$quot;The selection by KNPC of our technology is based on the recognition of our extensive experience with the technology and catalysts needed for hydrogen production based on multiple feeds requiring prereformer technology and catalysts for which Topsoe is world leader. Within the same refinery project, we have also been honoured with the award of several naphtha and kerosene hydrotreating units.\\$quot;

The hydrogen will be used for product upgrading and production of low sulphur fuels.

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