Argentinian company Aceros Zapla S.A., specialist steel producers in the Province of Jujuy in the northwest of the country, has been added to the list of clients who use the CoJet Technology of Praxair Argentina.

Demonstrating its trust in the technology that Praxair offers the industry, Zapla S.A. will count on the CoJet® technology that will be installed in its new plant facility.

The agreement is believed to have taken shape thanks to the work and dedication of Praxair’s designated personnel which identified and developed the best technological applications, in agreement with the specific requirements of the client.

CoJet consists of an exclusive technology, patented by Praxair, for gas injection in the process of steel production. This advanced application allows companies to increase productivity, diminishing the consumption of energy in the productive processes and both operational and maintenance costs.

The CoJet technology of Praxair uses a patented system of gas injection to send a coherent and supersonic oxygen spurt to the steel bath of arc furnaces. The oxygen spurt maintains its diameter and speed in an elevated length, allowing its penetration in the steel bath and providing precise amounts of oxygen without the formation of cavities or splashes.

Used in electrical arc furnaces, the system reduces costs and improves the productivity of operations of the arc furnaces, eliminating the need for manipulators of conventional lances and providing a safe system of easy operation. The technology is also used in the manufacture of carbon steels and stainless steel, while Praxair is developing the CoJet technology for its application in copper fusion and other nonferrous applications.

Meanwhile, from the 27th to 30th of August Praxair Argentina was present at the EXPOARPIA 2007 commercial exhibition and technical presentation event, presenting and displaying technologies and products available for use in chromatography, analytical instrumentation, pure and special gases and other equipment related to the industry such as calibration equipment.

The company used its presence at the event to offer individual technical advice on products, technologies and services designed for all these industries to customers and visitors.