Corken, Inc. has released a new horizontal gas compressor, the T-Style THG600 Series. According to manufacturer, Corken, the devices are designed for corrosive or toxic processes where maximum leakage containment and non-contamination of the gas stream are critical.

The T-Style is an oil-free design that has one set of oil wiper rings and three sets of packing that form two distance pieces or barriers to external leakage.

Furthermore, to enable flexibility, each distance has its own line connections and can be pressurised, purged or vented separately. This allows operators to specify the best method of containment for the particular application.

Corken also offers purge kits with accessories to control purging or pressurisation of each chamber. Similarly, the THG600 series is available in single, two, three, or four stage configurations that can provide a wide range of capacities and pressures.

Typical applications include vapour recovery, liquid transfer, pressure boosting, gas blanketing, evacuation, gas gathering, instrumentation, tank car unloading and PSA gas generation among other uses.

Corken, Inc. is a significant global manufacturer of compressors, pumps and accessories for the LPG and industrial markets. The firm operates from Oklahoma City headquarters.