CryoConcepts, LP has released a disposable, nitrous oxide based cryosurgical device to physicians in North America and abroad. The device is promised to offer the benefits of cryosurgery without the ‘hassles’ of liquid nitrogen.

…the first disposable device that delivers sprays at -89C.

R Sam Niedbala, CEO and Co-Founder of CryoConcepts

The pen-shaped device, called CryOmega®, has been clinically shown to be effective at providing accuracy to freezing temperatures of -89°C. CryOmega consists of a pen-shaped housing and a nitrous oxide cartridge that delivers more than 30 five second sprays. The unit itself is disposable, low cost and promises ease of use.

R Sam Niedbala, CEO and Co-Founder of CryoConcepts describes the device as an, “important development for physicians who want to use cryosurgery but want to avoid the hassles of using liquid nitrogen.”

He added, “Initial responses from physicians has been tremendous. Cryosurgery is most effective at temperatures below -60°C.”

“The CryOmega is a breakthrough becoming the first portable yet disposable device that delivers a spray at -89°C. It is clear that the market was looking for a easy-to-use device with our lower freezing temperature.”

The device has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration and is CE Marked, allowing the CryOmega to be sold to physicians and healthcare prviders around the globe. Since the official launch in 2011, the CryOmega is being used by physicians in the USA, Australia, UAE and other European markets.