A new range of novel cryogenic valves from STÖHR ARMATUREN (Stoehr) has been introduced by Boiswood, a UK supplier of gas and liquid pressure control equipment.

A major advantage of the patented FREES valves for vacuum jacketed pipes is that they can be installed in any position, making it possible to reduce the length of pipework required.

Positioning the valves horizontally, for example, can allow installation in height restricted locations.

Another advantage is that valves’ clearance volume is reduced by up to 80%, making them cleaner to operate and quicker to purge as there is less dead space to retain media or contaminants.

Most cryogenic valves have a relatively large clearance volume as they incorporate the whole spindle chamber and evaporation space, a Boiswood press release explains. Their valve spindles also have to be a certain length to minimise heat conduction into the media, which also increases their clearance volume. However, with the new FREES design, dead space is greatly reduced since the whole spindle chamber including evaporation space is separated from the media.

FREES valves are available in stainless steel as well as specialty materials such as titanium, Hastelloy and Monel.

Boiswood is a well-respected supplier to many of the UK’s most advanced manufacturing facilities, and is committed to hands-on service and support. Stoehr meanwhile, has been developing and constructing valves of high precision for plants and reactors for research and industry for more than 60 years.