Los Gatos Research (LGR), has introduced the ‘world’s first’ ultra-portable greenhouse gas (GHG) analyser, which reports methane, carbon dioxide and water vapour with parts per billion precision.

The new Ultra-portable Greenhouse Gas Analyser (UGGA) simultaneously measures CO2, CH4 and H2O concentrations, without cross sensitivity with other gases and consumes less than 70 watts. 

According to LGR, unlike instruments based on non-laser techniques, the UGGA automatically corrects the CO2 and CH4 for all water vapour dilution and spectroscopic effects and reports both species as dry mole fractions, eliminating the need for sample drying for highest accuracy.

LGR describes the devices as ‘ideal’ for portable operation – in a vehicle, plane or ship – as well as for remote, extended operation at challenging locations and sites with full control via the internet.

Small enough to be carried on-board aircraft (TSA approved size) and requiring less energy than an ordinary light bulb, the UGGA hopes to open-up new opportunities to measure greenhouse gases anywhere.  It is marketed towards field studies, compliance monitoring of industrial emissions and landfills, leak detection, air quality studies, soil flux studies, and wherever measurements of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapour are needed.