Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has launched its new cryogenic spiral freezer, the CRYOLINE ® XF (Cross Flow).

The new unit is a high capacity compact freezer which is hoped to significantly increase frozen food productivity, reduce the amount of liquid nitrogen needed in the food freezing process while also lowering maintenance and sanitation costs.

Mark Ewig of Linde’s Global Strategic Marketing and Development for Food and Beverage, commented, “The new CRYOLINE® XF spiral freezer is a significant new development in spiral freezer technology. This freezer is not simply an incremental improvement over existing spiral freezers. Starting with a blank page, Linde food engineers surveyed the requirements of a broad cross-section of food processors. The result is the innovative CRYOLINE® XF spiral freezer that is now providing significant benefits to Omni Baking Company’s operations.”

Indeed, Daniel Mulloy, General Manager for Omni Baking Company remarked, “The CRYOLINE® XF spiral freezer allows us to freeze more product per hour and utilises one-third less of our precious floor space, compared with conventional cryogenic spiral freezers.”

According to Linde, this is thanks to the freezer’s advanced cross-flow technology which promises to reduce freezing time while improving cryogen efficiency and overall freezer size.

The Linde Gases Division, part of The Linde Group, specialises in the international industrial and healthcare gases markets, providing compressed, bulk, specialty and medical gases, as well as chemicals to virtually all fields of industry globally.