The UK based company, Weldability-SIF has launched the SIFecoLITE, a new auto-darkening welding helmet under its Sifbronze brand.

The lightweight helmet weighs only 0.5kg, with a fixed 3/10 shade auto-darkening (ADF) lens it promises quality yet low cost safety for MMA and MIG welders to use in small batch production as well as car, commercial and agricultural vehicle body repair as well as in other welding applications.

It is powered when the welding arc is struck, delivering constant performance and eliminating the need for battery replacement. It is comfortable to wear with fully adjustable headgear, has a 96mm x 42 viewing area with a 110mm x 90mm x 5mm filter and the delay time from when the arc is struck is 0.3ms plus it is manufactured to meet EN379, EN175 and ANSI.Z87.1 standards.