Los Gatos Research (LGR) has released the Industrial Emissions Analyser which measures all key combustion products (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor and oxygen).

This product launch follows the EPA’s release of the first comprehensive survey of GHGs emitted from major industrial facilities in the U.S.

The new Industrial Emissions Analyzer or IEA, measures each gas independently with practically zero cross sensitivity between the four components, or with other trace gases, such as unburned hydrocarbons. 

The IEA also features rugged packaging, automated operation, and Ethernet connectivity which make it ideal for portable operation as well as remote, unmanned operation over extended periods in inaccessible locations and/or challenging operating conditions. 

LGR President Dr Doug Baer explained the premise behind the product, “Our new Industrial Emissions Analyser was developed to help improve production and manufacturing efficiencies of energy intensive industries including power plants, refineries and other major GHG emitters as summarised recently by the US EPA.”

He added, “Reliable monitoring of large industrial emitters like power plants and chemical production plants and refineries cannot be achieved simply by calculation and self-reporting.  Plant owners, monitoring agencies and other stakeholders need objective, reliable measurements in order to improve efficiencies now more than ever.”

Two models are currently offered: a Standard model with total uncertainty less than 1%, and an Enhanced Performance (EP) version with total uncertainty less than 0.03% of measured mole fractions over the entire range of operating temperatures from 0 to 45°C.