Peak Scientific has expanded its Genius range with the Genius 1022 nitrogen generator – designed to, “support the higher input pressures”.

Peak Scientific has expanded its Genius range with the introduction of the Genius 1022 nitrogen generator.

Based on the popular NM32LA model, the 1022 has been modified for unparalleled integration with Thermo Scientific’s Q Exactive™ Mass Spectrometers.

According to manufacturer, Peak Scientific, The Q Exactive™ is part of a new generation of Mass Spectrometers with a fast scan speed and multiplexing capabilities, allowing greater confidence in identifying and quantifying a wider range of compounds.

The Genius 1022 Nitrogen Generator increases the operational pressure to meet the required input specifications of the Q Exactive™, ensuring a reliable and continuous flow of gas.

“Our Genius 1022 nitrogen generator has been specifically designed to support the higher input pressures demanded from instruments such as Thermo’s Q Exactive™ Mass Spec,” said Chris Pugh, Engineering Director for the company.

Pugh confirmed that the addition to Peak’s Genius line maintains the, “balance of compressor cycling at a higher pressure to maximise operational service life, without compromising on the quality of gas delivered by the Peak Genius range.”