Servomex is offering owners of obsolete Delta F analysers an exclusive discount on a new analyser, as technology continues to advance and the necessary support and components are gradually unavailable.

While discontinued product lines have been supported beyond the designated product life span, many older Delta F products have now become increasingly difficult to fully support due to obsolescence or unavailability of key components.

With it becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to guarantee effective maintenance of these analysers, support for the Standard line, Type A, Type A Plus, Series 100, POA Platinum will be phased out from 31st December 2011. Support for the discontinued Delta F PNT analyser will also be wound down from the end of 2012.

Servomex will however continue to provide sensor replacements and consumables such as electrolyte and replenishment fluid, as well as calibration services.

To help customers affected by this forthcoming change in support, Servomex – who acquired Delta F in 2010 - is offering users the chance to trade up to the latest standards in analyser performance by offering a replacement Delta F analyser at an exclusive discount. Any customer who wishes to trade up to a current replacement model will not only benefit from the considerable performance improvements, but will for a limited period receive a trade-in discount for their analyser.

Standard line, Type A and Type A Plus users are being offered an exclusive trade-up offer to the Delta F 100 series, a family of oxygen analyzers that uses coulometric E Sensor technology and includes the DF 150 for non-hazardous applications, DF 140 with NEMA 4 enclosure and DF 110 for OEM applications.

Series 100 and POA Platinum Series customers are recommended to upgrade to the Delta F 300 series, which supports all applications covered by these discontinued products. Offering E sensor coulometric technology and a new digital platform, the DF 300 series offers users considerably improved performance and operational flexibility.

PNT users are recommended to upgrade to the Delta F 500 series, which offers premium performance for the UHP semiconductor industry. As well as supporting all applications covered by the discontinued PNT, the DF 550E and DF 560E Nanotrace series uses new E sensor coulometric technology and a digital platform for industry-leading performance and greater operational flexibility.