Servomex has introduced the new SERVOPRO MonoExact gas analyser, bringing the company’s acclaimed TruRef Thermal Conductivity (TCD) technology to ASU operators as a compact, single component analyser.

Servomex’s TruRef TCD technology offers accurate measurements for argon and nitrogen by eliminating the distorting effects of changing thermal mass and thermal convection experienced by traditional katharometer technologies.

Achieved by co-locating the reference and measure elements under isothermal conditions in the sample gas to eliminate the effects of changing sample conditions, TruRef technology also avoids the measurement inaccuracies inherent in katharometer technologies which require a sealed reference cell or flowing reference gas.

This ensures the MonoExact offers ASU operators truly industry-leading measurements for drift accuracy, linearity and repeatability.


Source: Servomex

In addition, cost-of-ownership is optimised by longer calibration intervals and avoiding the requirement for a reference gas.

“By combining TruReF TCD with extensive communications options in a compact unit, the MonoExact is a breakthrough measurement for ASU operators who rely on individual measurements for their processes,” said Charles Segar, Product Business Manager, Servomex.

“Complemented by the SERVOPRO MultiExact multigas analyser for multiple gas measurements, TruRef TCD delivers ASU operators a definitive and measurable step up in performance for their processes.”

The single-measurement focus of the MonoExact meets the requirements of ASU operators who prefer to keep their analyser measurements separate by using independent analysers, rather than using a single unit multigas analyser.

An expanded range of TCD gas measurements to extend the MonoExact’s capabilities will be released for sale during 2012.