Analox Sensor Technology is encouraging its customers to contact them via twitter with any issues or queries regarding its products.

Facilitating this, Analox Sensor Technology has launched a new and specific customer-care Twitter feed.

Michelle Morley, Marketing Manager for the firm welcomes the new technology, “Social media is allowing us to build great relationships with our customers. They tell us what they’re looking for in products, how we could further develop both products and services and of the experiences they have had with Analox equipment, whether they are sport divers, commercial divers, hospitality, industrial or military clients.”

Morley adds, “@AnaloxCares is one port of call for anyone who needs a question answered, has a query or would like some guidance about Analox’s range of gas analysis equipment. Of course, you can still contact us via telephone or via the website, if you’d prefer.”

Analox specialises in the design and manufacture of gas analysis equipment for commercial, military and sport diving markets and the hospitality industry. It has over 30 years’ experience in breathing air analysis.