NTM Sensors has launched a new versatile hydrogen sensor, the NTM SenseH2™.

Designed for hydrogen monitoring, the device is patent-pending and harnesses the latest in ceramic sensor technology to facilitate high speed, sensitive response to the presence of hydrogen in ambient air.

According to NTM, the units are suited to a variety of applications. Highly sensitive to hydrogen, yet insensitive to carbon monoxide, methane and other flammable gases, the sensors are adaptable according to environment.

Moreover, the sensors are robust and are unaffected by humidity, temperature and flow rate variation. Equally, the response and rapid recovery times allow for the measurement of transient leaks, and lead detection without false positives. Furthermore, the sensor is able to cope with robust conditions thanks to its waterproof grade connector.

NTM Sensors is a division of NexTech Materials, Ltd. NexTech was founded in 1994 and has since developed into one of Ohio, North America’s leading technology companies.