Andrew Wheatley has joined Weldability-SIF as part of the company’s bid to extend its market reach throughout the UK.

Weldability-SIF has appointed Andrew Wheatley as Regional Technical Sales Manager, responsible for all product sales in Scotland and Northern Ireland. He has joined the company as part of their strategic marketing plan to further increase its market reach throughout the UK.

Adrian Hawkins, Managing Director at Weldability-SIF said: “Andrew has a tremendous wealth of experience and knowledge of the welding industry and I am delighted to bring him on board. His knowledge of welding processes, equipment and consumables is invaluable to us as we continue to grow. I am sure that our Company, will continue to drive up its market share in Scotland and Northern Ireland using his tremendous knowledge and experience.”

Andrew has bought with him over 45 years experience in the welding industry having started his career in 1966 at Burntisland Shipyard undertaking a five year welding apprenticeship. Since then he has worked within the industry both onshore and offshore in the UK and overseas. He is a full certified welder training instructor and has also gained over 14 years in welding consumables sales management. His qualifications include City & Guilds fabrication and welding, CWSIP welding inspection and E.R.S Front end welding inspection.