Supply chain management software company TECSYS Inc. has introduced a breakthrough solution for the healthcare sector that addresses the just-in-time needs of the clinical supply chain at point-of-use.

The company’s Supply Management System (SMS) provides clear visibility and accessibility of supplies anywhere in a hospital or an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN).

The system also automates replenishment based on real consumption, captures item usage for patient billing, while significantly reducing cost as well as cash tied-up in inventory.

An industry first, TECSYS’ SMS, brings optimum ease-of-use to a clinical setting; it uses touch- screen technology to facilitate ease of access to information with the least amount of intervention. It dramatically cuts cost, relieves clinicians from the drudgery of inventory management chores and enables them to access supplies quickly and easily from anywhere in a hospital network.

Product and usage information are captured via barcode and stored in the TECSYS system, enabling purchasing organizations to track usage, re-order to minimums and plan the demand accordingly, virtually eliminating all stock outs.

Robert Colosino, Vice-President of Marketing & Business Development at TECSYS Inc., said in a statement, “Today’s hospitals face daily challenges of volatile customer demand, diverse patient care processes, a complex payment structure, a cumbersome and expensive supply chain infrastructure spanning geographically dispersed facilities.”

“In a point-of-use setting, where it matters the most, manual processes are significantly compromising clinical initiatives every day; wasting valuable clinician’s time as well as substantial dollars in expired products and in unofficial and unaccounted for supplies across hospital floors. We have envisioned a clinical staff-friendly supply chain solution that empowers them to deliver quality care, with the least amount of intervention and at the lowest possible cost.”