Medical technologies manufacturer Teleflex Incorporated has seen increased demand for its ISO-Gard® Mask, a product that supplies patients with oxygen assistance when required.

The ISO-Gard® Mask scavenges, or suctions away, patients exhaled breath from the breathing zone shared by clinicians and patients during care.

The negative pressure design of the  mask enables clinicians to deliver oxygen flows of up to 10 litres per minute whilst monitoring patient end-tidal CO2. This functionality uniquely supports delivery of oxygen to the patient, monitors effective breathing, and scavenges patient exhaled breath.

“Teleflex is committed to providing progressive technologies that enable healthcare providers to enhance patient and provider safety,” said Kevin Robinson, Vice-President and General Manager of the Teleflex Aesthesia & Emergency Medicine Division. 

Teleflex is actively seeking an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for expanded use indications on the ISO-Gard® Mask during the coronavirus pandemic.