The market for CO2 enjoyed an extended boost in Japan during the latter half of 2010, surpassing the usual peak time of July and with demand remaining sharp long into the autumn months.

The record heat of summer 2010 reportedly saw sales of dry ice, beverages and liquid carbon dioxide for cooling rocket upwards.

It appears that this act propelled sales of dry ice for the period up to 3% higher, enabling liquid carbon dioxide to recover to a level of around 700,000 tonnes – a turnaround from the usually steady position this market finds itself in. In fact, it’s such a turnaround that there are even said to be concerns for supply and ‘disappearing sources’.

The period of peak dry ice consumption usually occurs in early July, but in 2010 sales continued to remain firm even after this period. Liquid carbon dioxide also benefited from the effects of the hot summer heat, for its use in the beverages business for cooling.

The offering of free snow-like dry ice to customers, by supermarkets and food stores, was apparently in full-swing even as late as September.

* News taken from KK Gas Review magazine *