Carbon dioxide extraction and purification company Thar Process is set to switch operations to produce hand sanitiser for healthcare workers and the homeless.

According to local press, the Pittsburgh-based company will produce travel size and 32-ounce bulk hemp hand sanitiser, which contains USDA-certified organic ethyl alcohol and hemp extract.

Pittsburgh-based media outlets have said that the hand sanitiser will be made at the company’s Harmar Township facility and will also be available online.

Thar Process currently employees approximately 125 in three countries and sells super-critical CO2 systems in more than 25 countries.

“We have the knowledge, equipment – and desire – to fill a critical gap in reducing the spread of this deadly disease,” said Todd Palcic, Thar’s President and Chief Revenue Officer. 

“While washing hands is always most effective, homeless people don’t always have access to sinks. In addition, public safety workers on patrol, or food delivery drivers run from place to place.”

“We have put key measures in place to make sure the health and safety of our employees isn’t compromised,” Lalit Chordia, Thar’s CEO.