Yesterday, Proton Energy Systems announced a re-brand to ‘Proton OnSite’, with it the company emphasised, “We don’t produce energy, we produce gas.”

Tom Sullivan, Chairman of recently dubbed, Proton OnSite, described the change as reflective of the company’s growth. He commented, “Because we have continued to grow and develop beyond the expectations of Proton Energy Systems, we have decided to change our name and logo to best address our diversity of markets and reflect the growing array of commercial products and services that we offer beyond hydrogen generation.”

The alteration takes effect at a time when the firm is branching out into more sectors. Building upon its footing in the power plant sector, meteorological industry and the semiconductor industry, Proton OnSite is undergoing expansion towards the analytical laboratory and distributed energy industries.

Robert Friedland, CEO and President of Proton OnSite conveyed his attitude to the move: “We don’t produce energy, we produce gas. We bring the gas solution to our client – be it hydrogen gas to a power plant, nitrogen gas to a laboratory or oxygen to a submarine. Proton OnSite is now the leader in on-site gas generation, everywhere.”

Proton Energy Systems, a relative youth in the sector, has nevertheless been a key global on-site hydrogen generator for 15 years, while it has developed beyond hydrogen alone to also become a significant on-site generation of nitrogen, oxygen and zero air to complement its expertise in hydrogen.