Carbotainer, the Spanish manufacturer of innovative cylinders, has developed a new lightweight, ergonomic and ecological cylinder for the distribution of compressed gases.

Available in three sizes – B13, B20 and B50 – this new cylinder may contain 1002 (air), 1006 (Ar), 1013 (CO2), 1046 (He), 1049 (H2), 1066 (N2), 1072 (O2), 1016 (CO), 1053 (H2S), 1070 (N2O), 1079 (S02), and their mixes.

One year ago, Carbotainer filed its application for a European patent entitled ‘Lighter Container for Compressed Gases’. The patent is the result of many years of research by the Carbotainer team and registered under number EP15382298.

The new cylinder has many characteristics that make it unique on the market. It’s three times lighter than current cylinders, it’s manufactured from carbon fibre, and is compliant with the highest quality standards and legislation. The cylinders are also fitted with RFID chips so that they can interact with different facilities and automate industrial processes.

Source: Carbotainer