To celebrate its 70th anniversary, compressed gas equipment manufacturer the Cavagna Group has reinvented the company slogan, highlighting its market position and corporate identity.

Its new ‘Whereever gas is used, we are there’ slogan, together with the group’s logo, identifies Cavagna and its mission on the market.

For 70 years, the group’s research has been driven by innovation and technology. Today, with this new slogan, Cavagna wants to reaffirm it has the know-how, the resources and the vision to be a leader in all sectors where gas fuels work and life.

The company’s current market position and products reflect just how broad its offering is, with production and sales in six main focus areas.

Cavagna started out with equipment for the regulation and control of gas, and over time, thanks to new investments, it has expanded its company and its fields of interest.

The Italian company is now an active player in the metering industry. As a group, it has implemented a strategy of targeted acquisitions that have allowed it to establish a strong presence in different, but complementary, fields of application. This means it has the technical and commercial capability to satisfy all gas needs, whatever the use.

Developing a new brand identity is one part of its overarching goal to continue to grow in the various sectors in which gas is used.