The State of Colorado, Earthly Labs, Denver Beer Co., and The Clinic have concluded a pilot programme to capture waste CO2 at Denver Beer during the fermentation process, sell and deliver it to The Clinic’s cannabis grow operations and use it to stimulate cannabis plant growth.

Conclusions of the pilot revealed the ability for Denver Beer Co to keep the equivalent of approximately 93 trees worth of CO2 from the atmosphere, while providing The Clinic’s CO2 needs for a complete 16-week harvest at a 15% reduced cost to commercial CO2.

The cannabis plants met their key growth milestones at the different phases of growth from propagation to vegetation, and flowering, and emerged health demonstrating expected weight and yield as compared to commercial CO2 sources.

Called “93 Hoppy Trees” the Clinic’s new 100% natural CO2-powered cannabis product line is now available online. And as a result of success, The Clinic and Denver Beer will expand the partnership to reduce CO2 emissions and offer product all year round.

Zach Engel, The Clinic’s Director of Operations, said, “The Clinic is thrilled to be the first cannabis cultivator in the country to demonstrate the successful ability to purchase natural CO2 from a brewery, grow healthy cannabis plants that sequester CO2, and inspire out customers.”

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Denver Beer, advancing sustainability and climate science for our industry will making better bud.”

The pilot program demonstrated a cost-efficient CO2 exchange for breweries and marijuana businesses to reduce CO2 emissions and make better products. It showcased how small businesses can economically capture their own CO2 using Earthly Labs technology and find a productive use for it, while paying off the cost of initial investment in carbon capture technology at a much faster rate.

“Like our peers, Denver Beer Co has been challenged the last few months to address the health and sustainability of our business and communities. The Earthly CO2 exchange continued successfully under the stewardship of small businesses in America,” said Charlie Berger, Co-Founder of Denver Beer Co.

“We believe climate change is real. With the support of The Clinic, we want to do our part to innovate and inspire, providing a platform for others to follow. We are committed to Colorado, and continually do more for our world.”