Cryometrix, Utah-based manufacturer of refrigerator systems, has released its latest B-90 freezer which features a patented cryogenic blast freezing/thawing technology.

Cryometrix b 90

Cryometrix B-90 cryogenic blast freezer

The B-90 freezer can achieve accurate, ultra-low temperatures in a fraction of the time that a mechanical freezer would take – It can achieve -50°C in less than 10 minutes.

In 2016, the B-90 was validated by a large American blood bank and it increased their throughput by eight times. They replaced two large mechanical blast freezers (along with a large roof-top compressor) with just one Cryometrix B-90.

By eliminating the need for a compressor, the Cryometrix B-90 dramatically reduces maintenance costs due to the simplistic design that has very few moving parts. The liquid nitrogen cooling is all self-contained, so there is no exposure to the user or the products.

The B-90 features state-of-the-art temperature and data logging which can be easily accessed through the touch screen or downloaded to a computer. With up to 30 users and 3 security levels, operators can easily control who can open the freezer, change the setpoint, and make adjustments to the settings.

Lab personnel get the time-saving convenience of upright storage and easy access, while the overall freezing process gains efficiencies which will greatly increase the throughput and lower the production.