Mariestad, a town in southern Sweden, is leading the way as an exemplar model for sustainable development with its ElectriVillage – a new venture lead by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) that has set out to test and demonstrate sustainable transport solutions and energy systems.

ElectriVillage is totally unique. There is currently no other model area in the world that shows a combination of sustainable transport solutions and energy systems like ElectriVillage. 

Through ElectriVillage, Mariestad’s municipality works to meet tough climate targets such as Agenda 2030 on a fossil-independent fleet and the Paris agreement. At the same time, conditions for social development are created with new business opportunities, more employment opportunities; new skills and increased attractiveness for the city. 

Various types of tests are carried out in Mariestad’s open street environment and in the daily operations of municipalities – not in fenced areas or laboratories. All testing activities carried out in ElectriVillage are based on the needs and conditions of the small or medium city, but are possible to scale up and fit in a larger municipality. 

Through the investments at ElectriVillage, Mariestad municipality wants to create the conditions for local businesses to develop and find new businesses, and for companies in other places to establish themselves in the city. The municipality’s college platform Dacapo Mariestad is working on developing top education in sustainable transport and environmental technology in order to meet key competence needs in the future.

Projects within ElectriVillage 

ElectriVillage performs test activities in three different areas:

  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Sustainable transport
  • Logistics and purchasing 

An ElectriVillage video has been made to promote the amazing work of UNESCO and to share this visionary village with the outside world in order to evoke action among other governments, countries and communities.