The first O2 enrichment project in the Iran cement industry commissioned on 6 July 2006. Delvar Afzar Oxygen Industries and Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization with cooperation from the Industry and Mining Ministry developed an oxygen enrichment pilot of 8.5 tpd in Kerman Cement.

Two OXYMAT PSA Oxygen generators produce 95% pure oxygen for Line 3 of Kerman Cement which is a draft limited kiln and suffers from oxygen deficiency. Oxygen is injected into the outlet of the pre-heater fan and provides better conditions for complete combustion of fuel; reduction in CO concentration gives an opportunity to increase the feed rate of raw material into the kiln.

\\$quot;Oxygen enrichment can boost clinker production of about 3-5 tons per ton of injected oxygen in draft limited kilns,\\$quot; said Dr. Michael Clark, the project consultant from Whitehopleman.

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