The Global CCS Institute, the world’s leading authority on carbon capture and storage (CCS), has just released ‘The Carbon Capture and Storage Readiness Index 2018: Is the world ready for carbon capture and storage?’

The Global CCS Institute

Global CCS Institute

Source: The Global CCS Institute

Collectively, the company’s three Indicator Reports 2018 form a further, criteria-based assessment known as the CCS Readiness Index, or CCS-RI. The 2018 CCS-RI examines over 50 countries using 70 discrete criteria and enables a comparative assessment of countries globally.

The document identifies those nations which are leaders in the creation of an enabling environment for the commercial deployment of CCS, in order to track the progress of CCS deployment. 

The following three reports are available on the Global CCS Institute website:

– CCS Policy Indicator (CCS-PI)

– CCS Storage Indicator (CCS-SI)

– Legal & Regulatory Indicator (CCS-LRI)

The Institute’s 2018 CCS-RI assessment has identified four clear groups of nations. The process enables collective analysis and recommendations based on those country’s CCS outlook. The nations are grouped by their similar CCS-RI scores, as well as comparable industrialisation, emissions, and fossil fuel intensity.

The Global CCS Institute is an international climate change organisation whose mission is to accelerate the deployment of CCS as an imperative technology in tackling climate change and providing energy security.