The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), an independent intergovernmental science and technology based organisation promoting refrigeration knowledge, presented five cold chain technology briefs at a side event dedicated to the cold chain.

Welcoming over 70 participants, the IIR event was the First Inter-Regional Thematic Technical Workshops and Regional Network Meetings for National Ozone Officers.

The IIR commissioned several of its experts in their capacity as presidents of an IIR section to produce five Cold Chain Technology Briefs in partnership with UN Environment OzonAction. Those chosen included, Jacques Guilpart, Judith Evans, Richard Lawton and Paul de Larminat.

The briefs, which were distributed to the National Ozone Officers during the international meeting, summarise the different cold chain sectors with the aim to assist National Ozone Units and local stakeholders gain insight on the various segments, technology trends and issues related to each sector.

The side event was the ideal forum for the IIR experts to present the related driving policies, the current refrigerants used and potential alternatives, including the technical challenges, as emphasised in the Cold Chain Technology Briefs.

The Cold Chain Technology Briefs focus on:

  • Refrigeration in Food Production and Processing
  • Cold Storage and Refrigerated Warehouse
  • Commercial, Professional and Domestic Refrigeration
  • Transport Refrigeration
  • Fishing Vessel Application

The Cold Chain Technology Briefs can be downloaded from the IIR website.

Commercial professional domestic refrigeration bd one image

The five cold chain technology briefs