From air separation units (ASUs) to small plant technologies and the increasing uprising in the hydrogen economy, industrial gas projects continue to proliferate globally, in various configurations and capacities.

Various ASU projects were either completed or announced in a number of regional markets last year, and further capacity additions are expected to be realised in 2017. Here are some of gasworld’s highlights of global project developments in the next 12 months.

Part 3 focuses on the Middle East and Africa region.


It’s a significant year for The Linde Group in Turkey in 2017, with two notable developments in the Middle East country coming to fruition.

Firstly, a new ASU in Iskenderun, southern Turkey is set for start-up in the year ahead, as Linde supplies 1,700 tpd of oxygen and nitrogen per day to a steel mill run by Isdemir, a subsidiary of Turkish steel producer Erdemir Group. The plant will be the largest ASU operated by an industrial gas company in the country, and will be constructed and designed by Linde’s Engineering Division.

And the group’s Turkish branch, Linde Gaz A.Ş., operates a PSA plant on-stream for Vibracoustic CV Air Springs in early 2017, having brought it into action at the end of last year (2016). The plant will produce nitrogen for the company to use in its commercial air springs manufacturing operations.

gasworld Business Intelligence estimates that Linde is currently the second-largest player in Turkey, holding a market share of just over 30%. The company has been investing heavily in the country in the past few years and brought a new 240 tpd CO2 liquefaction plant on-stream in Denizli in November 2015.

South africa wooden sign

South Africa

One of the biggest developments in the global industrial gases business takes place in South Africa this year, as Air Liquide completes work on the largest ASU ever built at the Sasol site in Secunda.

Having signed a long-term agreement for the supply of large quantities of industrial gases to the Secunda site around 140km east of Johannesburg, Air Liquide has invested around €200m in construction of the ASU, which will boast a staggering total capacity of 5,000 tpd of oxygen – equivalent to 5,800 tpd at sea level. This milestone in the history of industrial gas production is set to be officially commissioned by December 2017.

It also marks a significant moment in its industrial gas supply for Sasol, as it is the first time that Sasol will outsource its oxygen needs at its Secunda site. The Air Liquide Engineering and Construction teams will bring their state-of-the-art technologies for this very large ASU, which will also add to Air Liquide a new source of oxygen and argon to supply the growing industrial gas market in South Africa.