The «INDUSTRIAL GASES» International research conference will be held for the first time on 11th March 2009 in the conference-hall of the Moscow State Technical University.

Organised by the BMSTU and the Exhibition Company ‘Mir-Expo’, the conference will also be taking place under the auspices of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) and follows on from the successful Cryogen-Expo or ‘Mir-Expo’ industrial gases exhibition held in Moscow last November.

The Organising Committee of the conference is headed by Professor A. M. Arkharov of the BMSTU and Dr Vaclav Chrz, President of Commission A2, IIR.

The purpose of the conference is to ‘present the industrial engineering developments, and consider the prospects and achievements of the scientists and specialists who deal in the sphere of industrial gases technologies’.

The aptly named International research conference «Industrial Gases» is aimed to demonstrate the scientific-technology achievements in the field of the manufacture, storage and transport of industrial gases, to highlight the ways of further development of these technologies and the means of modernisation of the industry based on their application.

Around 100 Russian and international scientists and recognised specialists, who are the representatives of the eminent R&D institutes, universities, large industrial companies and international public organisations, will take part in the conference.

The organisers note that following the March event in Moscow, the «Industrial Gases» conference is to be run in ‘some foreign countries’.