The Linde Group will be showcasing its $quot;traiLH2$quot; TM mobile hydrogen-filling unit on 24-28 January 2007 in Davos in Switzerland, presenting its hydrogen technologies to the public.

The $quot;traiLH2$quot; TM, which comprises a 1,000-litre hydrogen dewar vessel and independent electricity supply via an on-board fuel cell, is ideally suited as a flexible fuel supply. It allows increasing numbers of hydrogen-powered vehicles to be mobile at a time when the infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations is still under construction.

Sustainable hydrogen production is a strategic objective for both The Linde Group and BMW. Linde, the exclusive supplier of hydrogen to BMW's CleanEnergy project, will soon be able to meet the current automotive hydrogen demand with the help of sustainable production methods. Already today, climate neutrality of the liquid hydrogen used in Davos is assured by the acquisition of CO2 certificates and is certified by the German TÃœV SÃœD technical service group.