The Linde Group has been given an award for its innovative hydrogen centre in Lohhof near Munich by the federal initiative 'Germany -Land of Ideas'.

The Linde Hydrogen Centre, which combines the functions of a hydrogen filling station with that of a technology test centre, a training centre and a presentation platform, will officially receive the award on 21st February 2007, when it will be designated one of the '365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas'. On that date, the centre will be staging an information event and will be open to interested members of the public from 11am to 5pm.

Professor Dr Wolfgang Reitzle, president and CEO of Linde AG said: $quot;The fact that the Linde Hydrogen Centre is one of the 365 outstanding landmarks in Germany confirms our leading role in the development of the promising hydrogen technology.

$quot;At the same time, this award is an incentive for us to continue setting the pace in hydrogen-based sustainable mobility.$quot;

The Linde Hydrogen Centre was inaugurated in October 2006 in the presence of the German Federal Minister of Transport, Wolfgang Tiefensee. At the heart of the facility is a filling station, which supplies a test fleet of hydrogen-fueled cars and buses with both liquid hydrogen (LH2) and compressed gaseous hydrogen (CGH2).