The Netherlands has announced a new LNG incentive scheme offering €0.19 discount per kilogram of LNG purchased between 1st January (2020) and 31st December 2021.

When the scheme enters into force on 1st January, the discount will be automatically be applied by all LNG station owners and operators in the Netherlands.

The scheme is in line with the EU’s ambition to reduce freight transport emissions and seeks to support logistics companies that use, or are looking to use, a cleaner fuel source.

Various incentive measures by neighbouring countries, such as the 0% rate for excise duty on LNG in Belgium and the MAUT exemption in Germany, are already leading to a strong increase in LNG-powered trucks.



Source: PitPoint LNG

These important incentive measures are crucial to the ongoing development of the LNG market as they will help expedite the transition to the even cleaner bio-LNG.

The Netherlands currently has 27 LNG stations, a number of which are ideally located close to the borders of Belgium and Germany, thereby facilitating international transport by road.

“Many of our customers at the LNG stations in Roosendaal and Venlo come from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Poland,” said Jan Willem Drijver, Managing Director of PitPoint LNG.

“We hope that this LNG incentive scheme and our stations, which are conveniently located to facilitate international transport by road, will make switching to LNG as an alternative fuel source more attractive.”

“The introduction of this scheme represents another important step towards sustainable transport. In addition to environmental benefits, it now also yields a positive business case.”