Industrial Scientific is pleased to announce several updates to the Tango TX1 single gas monitors including extended H2S sensor range, acknowledgeable gas alerts, and other improvements.

By the end of January 2017, all Tango TX1 H2S sensors that ship will have an extended sensor range. Sensors previously ranged from 0-200 ppm, but will now measure from 0-500 ppm while maintaining accuracy, response times, and cross-sensitivity performance.

Acknowledgeable gas alerts, added in the newest firmware version 1.8, are optional alerts below the low alarm setpoint. When a gas concentration exceeds the acknowledgeable gas alert setpoint, the instrument activates indicators to alert operators that they may be approaching a dangerous condition. Operators can acknowledge and temporarily silence these indicators while continuing to work.

This feature can provide an early warning of potential hazards while limiting nuisance alarms that can desensitise users, particularly for applications where gas concentrations are expected and frequent.

To upgrade Tango TX1 firmware, users can dock the instrument on a DSXi or iNet DS Docking Station or contact their local Industrial Scientific Service Centre for assistance.

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The new enhanced Tango™ TX1 Gas Detector