The Rapidox 2100-OEM-RSB (reduced size board) is a special miniaturised 24V circuit board version of Cambridge Sensotec’s existing high-performance oxygen (O2) OEM analyser.

The more compact design (4.5” x 3.0”) allows integration into the tightest of spaces yet comes with the same performance specifications and features of its predecessor. The board is fitted with a robust cabled zirconia sensor, which is ideal for providing fast and accurate remote in-situ gas analysis over the full O2 range 10-20ppm to 30% O2. Zirconia O2 sensors are extremely rugged and particularly suitable for monitoring inert atmospheres and aggressive industrial applications directly within manufacturing processes such as metal 3D printers, soldering ovens and furnaces. High temperature and vacuum applications are also suited to this model. The OEM has auxiliary and temperature (type K) inputs for additional sensors such as pressure, vacuum and dewpoint and can also monitor local ambient conditions for improved stability.

A bespoke configuration and scope of supply service for customers allows for a flexible, seamless and cost effective integration into machinery, products or processes.

The OEM analyser can be supplied with a variety of enclosures, sensor fittings and cable lengths together with an optional local display or keyboard. It has fully programmable analogue (voltage and current) outputs and alarm relays as well as RS232 / RS485 digital signalling as standard. In addition to the standard Rapidox digital communications protocol and software, Modbus-RTU is included as a standard option. The analyser is designed specifically for seamless integration to PLC systems.

In rare instances where a zirconia sensor is unsuitable, a substitute OEM electrochemical sensor may be used instead. Electrochemical sensors are more suitable for gases where VOCs, flammable gases, carbon monoxide (CO),  hydrogen (H2) or helium (He) are present. Both ppm and percent versions are available.

The Rapidox 2100-OEM-RSB.

The Rapidox 2100-OEM-RSB.

Source: Cambridge Sensotec