Cambridge Sensotec’s Rapidox 5100 is a high specification instrument designed for the analysis, control and monitoring of gas in a range of applications including; biogas analyser, syngas, anaerobic digestion and fermentation processes.

Up to six gases are simultaneously measured using a range of high precision gas sensors; each sensor is specially designed and calibrated to avoid any cross-interference effects with the background process gas. Safety is ensured by the inclusion of flashback arrestors in the gas measuring circuit where required.

When configured for applications where the gases contain energy, e.g. Biogas, Syngas, the calorific value of the gas sample is determined using thermodynamic calculations and simultaneously logged and displayed on-screen.

Source: Cambridge Sensotec

An optional pump enables two modes of operations. For samples that are taken from a gas source at atmospheric pressure or below, the pump is activated to draw a sample through the analyser. Alternatively, the pump can be deactivated when sampling from a source at greater than atmospheric pressure, allowing the gas to flow through the analyser. Gas flow is regulated manually via a rotary knob on the fascia and displayed electronically on the screen.

A 7″ (180mm) full-colour touch screen interface with soft menu keys allows for easy operation in either permanent monitoring or sampling modes. All data is continuously logged for review and inspection and Excel compatible data can be downloaded via a USB memory stick.

Housed within a heavy-duty IP66 case, this analyser makes for a truly portable field instrument with laboratory functionality.