Smart-Hose Technologies introduces High Pressure Teflon Acetylene Break-Away

Hose assemblies represent the weak-link in all hazardous chemical transfer applications. Hose assemblies can get damaged in day to day operations, fittings can separate from the hose, the hose assembly can be severed during a transfer operation, hose assemblies can rupture during a transfer operation and a pull-away incident can occur.

However, Smart-Hose assemblies are designed and engineered with a valve integrated in each end fitting. If the hose assembly experiences a catastrophic hose failure, the Smart-Hose Safety System is designed to instantaneously shut off the flow in both directions.

Designed as a passive safety device, the Smart-Hose Safety System needs no human intervention to activate.

The Smart-Hose Safety System is designed to work within ultra-high pressure industrial hose assemblies with a PTFE tube typically used for ultra-high pressure Acetylene applications.

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Smart-Hose safety sytem