The Southern Africa Compressed Gases Association (SACGA) has as its objectives rooted in the safety and technical disciplines for the production, distribution and use of medical and industrial compressed gases.

The Association was formed as a Section 21 (non-profit making) company in Johannesburg in 1999 and had its roots in the former South African Gas Industry’s Technical Committee, which was formed in May 1972.

Close cooperation
Any organisation, associated with the medical and industrial gases industry in Southern Africa, is eligible for membership.

This includes the major gas producers, manufacturers of equipment, cylinder test stations, pipeline installers, and valve manufacturers. Close cooperation is maintained with all 24 of the SACGA’s member companies.

The SACGA has signed a memorandum of understanding with the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS Standards Division), which enables the association to initiate the development of appropriate standards for our industry and to provide technical expertise to the SABS when required.

In addition, the SACGA has a close working relationship with the relevant Government Departments including the Department of Labour, the Department of Minerals & Energy, the Department of Transport, and the Department of Health.

On matters of safety, the SACGA promotes general safety awareness in the technology and operating fields of the compressed gases industry, ensuring that occupational injuries are reduced to a minimum.

Safety information is posted regularly on the association’s website at, while the association investigates causes of accidents for the purpose of obtaining information helpful in reducing their recurrence and minimising their consequences.

Members are advised of appropriate corrective recommendations and the SACGA cooperates with other organisations in safety and standardisation matters.

The SACGA is an associate member of three of the major gas associations in the world, namely the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) and the Compressed Gas Association of America (CGA). This gives SACGA access to a vast amount of knowledge concerning the gases business.

The association also provides technical expertise when representing South Africa on various committees and working groups of the Industrial Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), which has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Progress and publications
The SACGA newsletter, Gas Focus, is issued on a quarterly basis and is available on the website. Readers are updated on local and international standards, notified of forthcoming conferences, and advised on news and progress taking place within the industry.

Such news and progress could often be updated, as the Board of Directors meets on a regular basis and a number of working groups have been formed over the years to deal with specific issues.

Members of the SACGA are encouraged to support this work and recommend representatives from their companies to serve on the working groups and sub-committees – through this exchange of information and expertise, a number of issues have been resolved and standards published.