The Ural Compressor Plant of Ekaterinburg, Russia has won a tender to supply a Movable Compressor Station (PKS-16/101) to Kazakhstan, with the PKS-16/101 possessing further productivity and the ability to be successfully used for the implementation of large volumes of technological works on pipeline system maintenance for the oil-gas industry.

First of all it is executed due to the modifications compressors achieve from the promoted productivity, entering in the complement of PKS. Thus, the movable compressor station on the base of Ural station, which is planned to be used for the pressurization of gases and oil pipelines, in a previous month was shipped in LTD Virazh (Uralsk, Kazakhstan).

There are also carried out the supplying of Air Separation units for the production of gaseous and liquid oxygen and nitrogen of AjKj – 2006 to Uzbekistan and on Ukraine.

In July Ural Compressor Plant carried out the shipping of the compressor Atlant-160 unit. It is worth noting that this is only the first of 2 compressors planned for export, the second expected for delivery to Kazakhstan in September or October this year.

Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are still the basic foreign clients of Ural Compressor Plant.