Thielmann UCON GmbH is back to business as usual after undergoing a restructuring process.

The process, known in German as Schutzschirmverfahren (SSV) literally translates to ‘restructuring under protection of the insolvency laws’.

This method permits management to restructure the business in an efficient manner, thereby increasing productivity and flexibility in the production process.

Reorganising in such a manner also allows for an increased stabilisation of the company, creating a higher degree of automation, adaptation of capacities to the reduced market demands, and further qualification of employees.

Igor Ferlan, Managing Director of Thielmann Ucon, said about the process, “This way, we want to build on our strengths in the past – lead times in line with the market, coupled with the highest quality standards for the benefit of our customers.”

“Following the recent drop in market demand due to the Corona crisis, the reluctance to invest is clearly noticeable in various customer segments. Thielmann Ucon GmbH has to become more flexible in order to be able to adapt to the changed demand situation.The organisation’s financial situation has reflected the positive results of the restructuring operation, with the balance sheet being strengthened by €10m.

Boosted by its fresh start, Thielmann will continue to deliver high standards of service to its customers, as well as begin work on new projects.