BOC’s Think Gates business will showcase its technology and process optimization service at the Food Processing Machinery Expo in Las Vegas, US at the end of the month.

Think Gates, designed to deliver consistent product quality and manage process variability, offers help to food processors looking for ways to address plant production issues like fluctuating yield, poor efficiency and product inconsistency.

John Rinald, Think Gates business director, said: \\$quot;One of the biggest challenges facing the food processing industry is delivering product consistency while maintaining the highest level of quality and efficiency. Our expertise is in measuring variables, such as temperature, weight, viscosity, moisture and in using those measurements to immediately adjust the production process.\\$quot;

\\$quot;We can measure these variables electronically using sensors or directly from equipment PLCs. The data is sent to either an automatic controller or on-site technician who makes adjustments in real time for better operational control and consistency.”

Think Gates is a premier process management business with expertise in helping customers control the state of their product in every step of the process using BOC’s proprietary Think Gates technology and service.

Think Gates will be at the Food Processing Machinery Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sept. 26 - Sept. 28, in booth 6209.